Rolex Submariner Oyster Women’s, Oyster steel Preowned Custom Wrist Watch

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This preowned watch has been fully inspected by our in-house watch experts and is covered with a 12 month Amin Luxury warranty. This is not inclusive of negligence or accidental damage.

Water resistance is guaranteed with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Trust in Amin Luxury

A family business of 3 generations of jewellery and watches, we guarantee all our shoppers’ experience effortless purchases with access to only the most vetted and top quality goods. All of our pre-owned watches have been perfectly restored to be next to new internally and externally. Offering a 30 day return period on your purchase and 12 month warranty on all timepieces. Gifting you complete confidence in your purchase and ensuring shopping with us is a positively memorable experience.

Customisation As a customised watch, we at Amin Luxury offer the option to return it to pre-custom state free of charge.